Sign Up Instructions:

Email to participate in our Neighborhood Watch emergency phone/email list. Include your

  • Name
  • Address
  • Email
  • Phone numbers (home and/or cell)
Emails are sent when we receive important notices from the Forsyth County Sherriff's Department.

What is Neighborhood Watch? It is a crime prevention program designed to…

  • Teach citizens techniques to reduce the risk of being victimized at home and public.
  • Train citizens how to recognize suspicious activities report them.
  • Introduce you to your neighbors, and provide you with a common goal, family safety
What Neighborhood Watch is not:
  • A vigilante force.
  • A program designed for participants to take risks or intervene in criminal disturbances.
  • A program open only to members of a Homeowner's Association.
  • A promise that crime will not occur in your neighborhood.

Why did we establish a Neighborhood Watch?

  • Prevents Crime: a neighborhood that has Neighborhood watch is more likely to spot trouble before it happens. An observant neighbor may see a stranger around your house and then call 911. Thus preventing a theft from your home.
  • If there is a problem in your neighborhood the Neighborhood Watch allows you the means to contact other people in your neighborhood by using the calling tree and let them know what is going on.
  • Allows the community to be closer: by meeting your neighbors you learn what is normal for your neighborhood and what is not.

Now what?

We need volunteers to be block captains in order to have a Neighborhood Watch. We also have a liaison Shannon Meister.
Roles in the Watch What they do…
  • Typically the liaison is the person who initiated contact with the Sheriff's Office.
  • This person works closely with the C.O.P.S. coordinator from the Sheriff's Office.
  • This person is also responsible for keeping in touch with the block captains.
  • Must attend all 6 meetings.
Block Captain
  • We need 16 more folks to volunteer for this role.
  • This person will work directly under the liaison and will be responsible for each participant on his or her street or "block". A block is a grouping of 10 neighbors.
  • Must attend meetings 1,2,3, and 5.
  • One person from each street or block is needed.
  • Participants typically only participate in the calling tree and meetings the want to participate in.
  • Some block captains may chose to have all or some of their participants assume larger roles.

The neighborhood Watch Program begins with a series of 6 meetings. Not all members in the community attend all the meetings.

What is covered in the meetings:

  1. Description of the program
  2. Block Captain Meeting, all Block Captains will be instructed on what their duties are.
  3. Crime Prevention Seminar, all residents are invited to attend
  4. Child Safety Seminar, all residents are invited to attend.
  5. Block Captain Meeting on how to maintain the program
  6. Awards ceremony, the Sheriff will attend and will present the Master Community Award for completing the program.