This document was compiled from the existing homeowner's covenant. New standards or clarification of these standards may be made by the Architectural Committee (AC) as needed.


Homes and property are to be kept in good condition. Timely repairs and maintenance by the homeowners to their home and property are assumed.

Constructions/Structures/Additions to homes

Any structure, construction or additions to home must be approved by the AC by using the Architectural Committee.
Download the request form.

Structures include but are not limited to:
  • Building
  • Garage
  • Porch
  • Shed
  • Barn
  • Greenhouse
  • Bathhouse
  • Coop or cage or pen
  • Covered or uncovered patio
  • Mailbox
  • Swimming pool
  • Clothes line
  • Radio or television antenna
  • Fence
  • Curbing
  • Paving
  • Wall or hedge more than 2 feet in height
  • Temporary or permanent living quarters (Including house trailers or motor home)
  • Drainage ditch or anything that diverts the flow of water



Any fence must be approved by the AC by using the Architectural Committee Request form.

General Requirements

  1. Only privacy fencing of rear yard will be approved.
  2. Design of privacy fence is limited to:
    1. Solid Wall fence
    2. Shadow box design
    3. Between 4 feet - 6 feet in vertical height
    4. No chain link fencing will be approved.
  3. Fencing must not extend past rear corners of the residence.
  4. Posts of fence must be anchored in concrete.
  5. Posts must be 4x4 stock.
  6. Purlins must be 2x4 stock.
  7. Fencing must be either pressure treated wood or cedar.
    1. Pressure treated fencing:
      1. Fencing must be allowed to age for a minimum of six (6) months to allow drying of chemicals and stained in Behr Plus 10 Deck and Siding Stain Cedar Naturaltone.
      2. Pressure treated fencing exceeding four (4) feet in height must employ three (3) horizontal purlins to minimize cupping and warping.
    2. Cedar fencing
      1. Posts must be pressure treated stock.
      2. No paint or staining is required; however, if staining is desired, all sides must be stained in Behr Plus 10 Deck and Siding Stain Cedar Naturaltone.
  8. Each proposed installation must be approved in writing.
Application by homeowner
  1. Application form
  2. Site plan showing all segments of fence, gates, etc.
  3. Construction detail including:
    1. Method of stabilizing posts into the ground
    2. Size, material specification and design of posts, horizontal purlins, and boards
    3. Representative drawing of fence design and any gates to be constructed.
    4. List of proposed hardware to be used to secure each component of the fence to other components (galvanized screws, etc.)
Figure 1 - Example of solid board fence

Figure 2 - Example of shadow box fence

Figure 3 - Example of shadow box fence

Figure 4 - Example of solid board fence

Figure 5 - Example of solid board fence

Figure 6 - Example of solid board fence



  • Garbage containers must be hidden from street.
  • Trash may be put out at the curb, but not in the street as our streets are narrow, the evening before your scheduled trash pick up.
  • No trash or rubbish may be burned on premises.



Grass and weeds must be kept mowed to prevent unsightly appearance.

Charge for removing the violation is not less than $100 per incident. The violator will be notified via certified mail that they have 10 days to remedy the problem or AC has right to enter premises to remove/correct the problem.


Hobbies or other activities

Any hobbies that might tend to cause disorderly, unkempt or unsightly conditions shall not be permitted in the yard, driveway, garage or any other place that it might be visible from any street or adjoining lot.



Any landscaping using plants over two (2) feet high must be approved by the AC by using the Architectural Committee Request form.


Mailboxes and Posts

All mailboxes must meet uniform criteria for materials, design, and color. Any variation must be submitted to the AC for approval.

Current standard:

  • 4 x 4 pressure treated post with a 4 x 4 crossbar painted white
  • black mailbox
  • house numbers posted to the front of the post below the mailbox



Any new painting or repainting not matching the original color of the structure must be approved by the AC by submitting the Architectural Committee Request form.



All boats, motorcycles, campers, trailers, shall be parked in an enclosed garage. No vehicles shall be parked behind the property including boats, motorcycles, campers, trailers and recreational vehicles.



  • No animals, livestock or poultry of any kind may be raised within the community.
  • Not more than two cats per household and two dogs per household may be maintained.
  • When walking dogs, all dog waste must be picked up.


Pools & Spas

Any pools or spas to be installed in a private residence must be approved by the AC.

The Rules & Regulations for the community pool and tennis courts have been adopted by the Board and are in place solely for the enjoyment, safety and well being of you and your guests. The pool and tennis courts are for the exclusive use of residents of Shepherds Pond and their guests only. In addition, a percentage of your yearly homeowner's assessment goes toward the maintenance and upkeep of these common areas.

The community pool use.
In order to use the community pool, your homeowner dues must be paid in full. This makes you a member in good standing. If dues are not paid, no one in your family may use the pool. Nor may you or a member of your family be a guest of another homeowner whose dues are paid in full.


  1. Hours:
    • 9:00 am - 8:00 pm - May, September
    • 9:00 am - 9:00 pm - June, July, August
    • Subject to close due to weather conditions
  2. Pool use is for residents in good standing and their guests only. A resident must accompany all guests
  3. Children under 14 years of age must be accompanied by an adult, at least 18 year of age, at all times.
  4. Residents are responsible for any damage or disturbance created by themselves or their guests
  5. No running.
  6. No diving.
  7. No pets
  8. Swim suits and swim trunks are required. No cutoffs allowed.
  9. Rafts, floats, bogie boards allowed during the week; not allowed on weekend.
  10. Safety floatation devices (life vests, arm floats for children are acceptable).
  11. Close umbrellas before leaving the pool area, as high winds can cause damage
  12. Use pool furniture appropriately. No jumping on furniture.
  13. Life buoys and rescue poles are for emergency use only and are not to be used as toys.
  14. No unauthorized parking. Contact SPHOA Board if you need special permission to park. Unauthorized vehicles parked overnight will be towed unless they have special permission.
  15. Keep pool area clean – pick up your garbage and dispose of before leaving
  16. No glass or breakables in pool area. If a homeowner or guest of the homeowner brings in a glass item in violation of this rule, they will be asked to remove it from the pool area. If the glass breaks while in the pool area, the homeowner will be responsible for all clean up costs (including repairs or refilling of the pool, if required).


Recreational equipment

No basketball goal will be attached to a residence or other permanent structure. Hoops must be attached to kits specifically designed for that purpose.

Installation of any recreational equipment must be approved by the AC by submitting the Architectural Committee Request form.

Playground equipment, such as swing sets, sandboxes and the like, will be placed in the backyard of the homeowner.


Signs and Advertising

No signs or advertising of any nature except for 'FOR SALE' signs. Any other signs must be approved by the AC. Submit a request on the Architectural Committee Request form to the SPHOA mailbox.


Tennis Court

  1. Hours are 9:00 a.m. - dusk, seven (7) days a week.
  2. Tennis court use is for residents in good standing and their guests only.
  3. Proper shoes intended for court play are required.
  4. No food or glass of any kind will be permitted on courts.
  5. If other players are waiting to play, please limit play for singles to no more than one (1) hour and no more than one and one-half (1.5) hours for doubles.
  6. Tennis is the only activity allowed on the courts. Toys, bikes, skateboards, roller blades/skates, chalk and any other non-tennis activities are prohibited.
  7. Please assist in keeping our tennis courts clean.
  8. Please make sure gate is secured upon leaving the courts.


Tree Removal

Dead, diseased, or damaged trees which might create a hazard to people or property must be prompted removed.

Charge for removing the violation is not less than $100 per incident. The violator will be notified via certified mail that they have 10 days to remedy the problem or AC has right to enter premises to remove/correct the problem.


Approval Process

The homeowner must send the Architecture Committee Request to SPHOA:

   via email:     OR

   via US mail:
    Shepherds Pond HOA
        c/o Team Management
    PO Box 670177
    Marietta, GA 30066

Upon receipt, the Architecture Committee will add the Request to the review cycle for the next scheduled meeting. Please plan appropriately.

Plans submitted are reviewed on a monthly basis and a written response provided to the homeowner.


Inspection and Testing

The AC or its agent may, at reasonable time(s), enter the property and inspect any lot and improvements in order to determine if the improvements are in compliance.


Basis for Disapproval of Plans

The AC may disapprove plans for any of the following reasons:
  • Failure of homeowner to comply with plans or specifications
  • Failure to include required information
  • Objection to the design, appearance or material
  • Incompatibility of any proposed structure upon other Lots
  • Objection to location of proposed structure in reference to other lots
  • Objection to site plan, clearing plan, drain plan or landscape plan
  • Objection to color scheme, finish proportions, style or architecture, height or appropriateness of any structure
  • Failure of plan to take into consideration the topography, vegetation or natural environment or
  • Any other matter which, in the judgment of the AC, would render the proposed plan inharmonious with the general plan of the property or other lots in the vicinity.


Failure to Obtain Approval

While this has generally not occurred, if the homeowner fails to secure the approval of the Architecture Committee (AC) for a change they desire to make to their property, the AC has the right to provide written notice of the violation. The homeowner then has 15 days to remedy the violation. Generally, this means submitting the appropriate Architecture Committee form with all necessary supporting documentation; however, the remedy may require taking steps to remove or terminate the violation.

If the homeowner does not take the appropriate steps to remedy the violation, the AC or its representative has the right to enter the lot and take the necessary steps to remedy the violation. The cost of the remedy will be homeowner's and may result in a lien upon the property.